January Dialogue: Who Speaks for Islam/Who Speaks for Judaism?

The next dialogue of the Jewish-Islamic Dialogue Society of Washington (JIDS) will be on Sunday, January 15 at 2:30 p.m.  We will be meeting at the McLean Islamic Center, 8800 Jarrett Valley Drive Vienna VA 22182 (only about a mile from Tyson’s Corner).    Our topic will be “Who Speaks for Islam/Who Speaks for Judaism?”   We may address such subtopics as: What defines Judaism or Islam?   Its text?   Its history?   Its spokespeople?   And which spokespeople?  Is it defined instead by the majority of those who currently self-identify with it, even if they are not clergy or recognized lay leaders?   And how can we tell which imams, rabbis, or other “experts” quoted in media are legitimate spokespersons and which are not?