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2013-2014 Dialogue Topics Announced

1.      We will be discussing one of the “Dividers” from our What Unifies Us/What Divides Us project: the difference in the extent to which Jews and Muslims accept/reject the literal meaning of sacred texts and in the extent to which we have “branched vertically” (i.e., embraced and institutionalized non-traditional expressions of our faiths).

2.      Capturing the Complexity of Judaism/Islam — theology, culture, institutions and other

3.      We will be discussing another of the “Dividers” but will do so in a very gentle format: by be viewing the film “Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet.”

4.      Trinitarian Monotheism.  We expect to have a representative of each of the three members of the House of Abraham on the panel.

5.      Psychological Obstacles to Peace (e.g., mistrust, fear, trauma, ignorance, etc.)

6.      How America Has Affected Judaism and How it May Affect Islam

7.      How Dialogue Can Lead to Activism and the Relationship Generally between the Two

8.      The Role of Religion in the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict – Is It Exacerbating the Problem and Can It Be Part of the Solution?

9.      Who Speaks for Judaism?  Who Speaks for Islam?

10.  The Prophet Moses in the Torah and the Qur’an

Dates and locations to be announced.