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Twinning Weekend Event

For the fourth year in a row, JIDS will be meeting on Twinning Weekend.  This event takes place on the afternoon of Sunday, November 17th.  As with the previous three years, JIDS is thrilled to be able to invite our Youth (teenagers and young adults) to participate, so please spread the word to your children and their friends that they are encouraged to come.   This event, just like the early-November dialogue, is being hosted by the Muslim Community Center (MCC) at 15200 New Hampshire Avenue, Silver Spring, MD. 20905.   The Youth are invited to come to the office of MCC (to the door with the address overhead) and arrive at 1:15 to drop off their Registration Forms and get their Community Service SSL Forms signed; then be accompanied to the prayer hall by the MCC Youth Guides who will educate their guests about the Muslim prayer tradition extending an invitation for their guests to either observe or, if interested, to join in the prayer. The MCC Seniors have also invited the Youth and members of JIDS, whenever their prayers are completed, to join them for lunch and intergenerational conversation from1:45 to 2:30.Those who are members of JIDS who wish to join MCC for prayers and lunch are graciously welcome; otherwise, the MCC Senior Program, featuring the JIDS’ Youth Social Action Twinning Weekend Program of “Connecting Across the Generations” (with speakers and a Youth Dialogue inclusive of Seniors) will begin at its customary time of 2:30.