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March Dialogue (new date and time) — Screening of Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet

At the March Dialogue, to be held on the new date and time of March 22nd, a Saturday, at 1:30 pm, JIDS presents the film Muhammad:  Legacy of a Prophet.  This will be the first session in JIDS’ five-year history devoted primarily to Muhammad.  Needless to say, this session is long overdue, and it is important that as many of you as possible attend and allow yourselves to be inspired by the life and legacy of this man.  A discussion and dinner, generously provided by the Vaishnava Hindu Community, will follow the film.  The dialogue will take place at Adat Shalom Reconstructionist Congregation, 7727 Persimmon Tree Ln, Bethesda MD  20817.

We understand this event is taking place on the Jewish Sabbath.  It is JIDS’ policy to avoid holding events on Shabbat barring extremely unusual circumstances, just as it is JIDS’ policy to avoid conflicts with Muslim prayer times.  In this instance, however, given the number of Jews expected to already be in attendance at the synagogue, and the vital importance of reaching the wider Jewish community about the figure of Muhammad, we hope you understand our decision to hold the event at this unusual date and time.  We encourage Muslims, after prayers, to be present during the discussion.  Your perspectives are invaluable.

A flyer advertising the event can be found here.