dspirophoto2Daniel Spiro is the author of Liberating the Holy Name: A Free-Thinker Grapples with the Meaning of Divinity (Cascade Books, 2014) and two novels of ideas, Moses the Heretic  (Aegis Press, 2008) and The  Creed Room (Aegis Press, 2006).  Since 2001, he has also served as the Coordinator of the Washington Spinoza Society, a discussion group sponsored by the Goethe-Institute Washington.  In addition, Daniel has published works on the role of religion in the public schools and the philosophy of education, and he regularly blogs under the name “Empathic Rationalist.” Daniel is also active in the pursuit of peace in the Middle East.  When not pursuing his love of philosophy and religion, or serving as an advocate for peace, Daniel works as a full-time attorney specializing in investigating and litigating against corporations that engage in fraud.  Daniel Spiro’s website can be found at  His e-mail address is

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Hytham Younis was born in New York, hay042809on April 15th, 1958 to parents from Syria and raised primarily in Michigan.  Received a Bachelor of Science degree in Architecture from Kent State University in 1983, and then a Master’s in Architecture from the University of Michigan in 1987.  Worked for The Islamic Society of North America from 1983 to 1990 and was a member of the ISNA Speakers’ Bureau engaged in traveling and lecturing to audiences. Traveled to Saudi Arabia in 1990 and remained there, in the city of Medinah, for a period of roughly twelve years. Studied Arabic and Islamic Law at the Islamic University of Medinah. Returned to the United States in 2002 to be involved in interfaith work, prison outreach and a new English language interpretation of the Qur’an.  Upcoming projects include a half hour, weekly show about Islamic topics for television as well as the Internet.

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