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JIDS’s Shared Commitment to Stand Together

Now that the hostage situation has ended, JIDS expresses its relief and gratitude that no innocent person was harmed at Congregation Beth Israel of Colleyville, TX. May innocents continue to be sheltered beneath Shekhinah’s wings/the loving embrace of Allah.

JIDS holds in prayers all of those whose trauma response was evoked by this news, whether in Pittsburgh, Escondido, Poway, Dar Al-Farooq, and, sadly, in so many other places as well. May we be grounded and may we find comfort in caring for ourselves, and each other.

May solidarity and compassion prevail and may we not let fear make way for Islamophobia, anti-Semitism and hate.

As we observe the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. we are reminded that while we have achieved a great deal, much remains to be done. The event at Congregation Beth Israel illustrates what we already knew — that plenty of Jews and Muslims do consider each other to be “the enemy” — and eradicating that attitude root and branch is one of the reasons we exist as an organization. We cannot let hate divide us or deter us in our mission to support each other as the cousins we are as we continue to remove barriers to full human potential. Only when we see each other as one of the faces of the One will we be able to truly fulfill the vision of those whose wisdom has sustained us over the centuries. We cannot allow the forces of hate to distract us from our commitment to each other.

As we make our way into this week ahead, we pray, as ever, for peace. And we pray for the strength, vulnerability, connection and yearning to fuel our loving action as partners in its creation. May solidarity and compassion prevail and may we not let fear make way for anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, or any other form of hate.

(Adapted in part from a statement written by Keshira HaLev Fife)

“Our Values: In Theory and in Practice.   Session 1: On Judaism.” Sun., Nov.  20th, 2-4 pm. ET (via Zoom)

As part of our continued effort to “keep it real,” JIDS is embarking on a two-part series entitled “Our Values — In theory and in Practice.” In session 1, we’ll talk about Jewish values as they ideally are supposed to be (when taught in theory). And we’ll present how these values are often stressed in the real world to the point where we tend to practice very different values when the rubber meets the road.  Session 2 will focus on Muslim values.

One of our panelists for the first session will be two beloved Washington, D.C.-area rabbis, Rabbi Gilah Langer, the rabbi of Kol Ami, the Northern Virginia Reconstructionst Community, and Rabbi David Shneyer, the founder, director and spiritual leader of Am Kolel Jewish Renewal Community of Greater Washington.

Please RSVP for this Zoom session to jids.washington@gmail.com.


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